Energy is a Battlefield

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

The world buys about $US 3.5 trillion worth of primary energy – coal, oil, natural gas, nukes and renewables – every year. Fighting for every Megajoule supplied to hungry consumers has become the mother of all market share battles.

2016 Liberal Convention Keynote Speech

Source: CPACSource: CPAC

Political conventions are forums where delegates come to listen, learn and debate party policies. This past weekend I was honoured to be asked to deliver a keynote speech at the federal Liberal convention in Winnipeg. My contribution to the Party’s […]

The Fiscal Pulse of Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

Economists and analysts have been trying to find historical comparisons to the lengthy oil price downturn that began 21 months ago. As bad as 1998? 1985? Or even the 1890s? Regardless, the dual impact of oil and natural gas prices […]

Canada: Reducing Reliance on Overseas Oil

The Doable Oil Price RecoverySource: © Hansenn

“Why do Quebec and Atlantic Canada buy their oil from Iraq and Saudi Arabia?” asked Brian, an unsettled friend of mine who works in the oil patch. “Alberta should be serving our own national interest,” he said with patriotic conviction.

Freeze or Not: Oil Markets will Balance

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

Someone asked me yesterday, “Why didn’t Alberta send someone to the Doha meetings?” I resisted the temptation to reply with a dismissive comment. It was a silly question, but I had to admit that I wouldn’t have minded being a […]

What Does Oil Price Recovery Look Like?

Source:  © Wenbin YuSource: © Wenbin Yu

By now, we’ve all received the memo on distress in the oil and gas industry. Daily, depressing blogs, news stories and twitter feeds are diarizing the corporate carnage, project cancellations, idle oilfield activity and 100,000-plus layoffs. The cash drought is […]