Freeze or Not: Oil Markets will Balance

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

Someone asked me yesterday, “Why didn’t Alberta send someone to the Doha meetings?” I resisted the temptation to reply with a dismissive comment. It was a silly question, but I had to admit that I wouldn’t have minded being a […]

What Does Oil Price Recovery Look Like?

Source:  © Wenbin YuSource: © Wenbin Yu

By now, we’ve all received the memo on distress in the oil and gas industry. Daily, depressing blogs, news stories and twitter feeds are diarizing the corporate carnage, project cancellations, idle oilfield activity and 100,000-plus layoffs. The cash drought is […]

Bad Habits: Coffee and Gasoline

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

I pulled into the filling station somewhat reluctantly. It was packed with a parade of cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, each jockeying for their turn to nourish their internal combustion engines with a tank of gasoline. I don’t like waiting. […]

New Lexicon for the Oil and Gas Industry

Photo: ARC FinancialPhoto: ARC Financial

Conferences, meetings or analyst calls – you hear it the same everywhere. The challenging oil and gas price environment has created a new lexicon for characterizing the industry. Here is a guide to the latest industry jargon.

Crude Oil Investors Can Measure and Manage Their Climate Change Risk

Source:  © ArcherixSource: © Archerix

Do tougher climate change policies diminish investment returns from crude oil assets, facilities and pipelines? Not necessarily, because not all crude oils are the same.